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From Our Blog

How Millennials are Tempted to Indulge in Gambling

The perpetual efforts of casino operators to grasp the millennials is a whacking success. If you visit any casino in the US on the weekend you will witness the outdoor casino pools deluged with people in their twenties.

The primary reason the millennials are here is to roister in fun and frolic. Though gambling is not their agenda, casinos are doing a stunning job in luring them to gamble, with 70% of millennials flocking to a casino.

At the same time, they splurge on food, drinks, and interactive entertainment. These added incentives of amenities secondary because the chief objective is to get them to gamble more. This has made casinos innovative by introducing novel games and tweaking existing ones to satisfy the taste of these millennials.


Millennials love Interactive over-the-top slots.

A generation that has been blessed with Internet and technological advancement has ushered avant-garde slot games on the casino floor, an elixir for the millennials. The new games resemble the multifarious games that they are accustomed to playing in online platforms.

These new slot machines, besides being cosmic, are a feast to the eye, unlike the traditional slot machines, but the cherry on the cake is the fact that these games are interactive – luring swarms of youngsters.

What grabs their attention are top-notch graphics and soundtrack that features blockbuster movies or TV shows or ones that cast their favourite celebrities. Some of these popular games are Game of Thrones, Guns N’Roses, Sphinx 3D, Advantage Revolution, Big Bang Theory, and Cash Explosion.

Millennials prefer a blend of gambling and other activities.

The other alluring aspect of gambling includes slots or video games merging an element of skill and fantasy sports betting. However, such an addition entails the legality aspect being tackled first.

However, until then, another effective strategy deployed by casinos is the amalgamation of gambling and non-gambling activities. For instance, numerous Vegas casinos endow swim-up blackjack.

In Atlantic City, millennials to the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort and Deck at Golden Nugget can indulge in blackjack outside while revelling in stupendous performances by DJs.

A survey by MMGY Global also elucidates this principle, where 86% of millennials preferred casinos that bestowed them an area for social gaming when juxtaposed to 55% of aged players. The finest example is the iGaming Lounge at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, populated with gamblers below thirty years.

Smaller Casinos Fashion a New Fad


The contemporary casinos being built has replaced the sophisticated massive expanse to relatively small ones. The trend for millennials is shifting from behemoth casinos like MGM Grand in Vegas to boutique-sized ones like the Cromwell that dawned in 2014, replacing Bill’s Gambling Hall – extremely popular among the millennials.

Another example is the SLS Las Vegas that replaced the old Sahara Hotel and Casino. Unlike the predecessor, this small casino is only 60,000 Sq. Ft with 800 slot machines and 70 table games – though small, it has engendered a vogue among the millennials.

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