The Haunted Casinos in the World

When you enter the casino, you encounter a maze of dazzling Malaysia online casino slot machines, a palatial lobby, effervescent crap players, and scantily clad cocktail waitresses. However, the idea of a ghost caressing your shoulder instead of Lady Luck is implausible.

For the inquisitive gambler in you experience the sinister history by replacing the glitz and glamour of the casino that you encounter on a quotidian basis.

Revel in the experience of a bone-chilling adventure – sui generis affair. Gamble away online gambling Malaysia the most haunted casinos with phantom at the poker table, kelpies relishing Keno, and spectre indulging in slots.

Bally’s Resort and Casino

This spectral casino was established on the site of the second most massive hotel fire that ever occurred in the United States. A tragedy that took the life of more than 80 people. This catastrophe happened in 1980 when MGM Grand, with all its grandiose, adorned this place.

Bally's Resort and Casino

The ghastly fire was an upshot of some faulty wiring. As the flame engulfed the building, guests jumped out of their windows in desperation only to succumb to death. Their unearthly presence is said to haunt to this day the Bally’s North Tower. The guests and employees have reported on seeing apparitions from the floors 19 to 24.

Flamingo Las Vegas

A Las Vegas masterstroke, perpetually connected to gangster Bugsy Siegel. He was the one who played a significant role in erecting gloomy Nevada to its present vivacious glory – the world’s entertainment capital.

However, Siegel was gunned down in 1947, and the rumours that his eternal presence is felt at this casino has been validated.

Numerous guests and employees have encountered his eerie presence at the Presidential Suite and even lounging at the pool. To the extent that one of their cleaning staff quit her job after uncovering his poltergeist during her night shift.

Tropicana Las Vegas

A hotbed of many bizarre paranormal activities. Some years back, this casino had a mammoth wooden tiki mask ornamenting the entrance of the resort. This enigmatic relic has been rumoured to possess a trapped spirit that has engendered a nasty purple rash on any of the guests who has touched it.

Even more bewildering are the photos captured by some of the guests in front of the mask, and these images seem blurred by an odd purple haze emanating from the mask. The Tropicana management ultimately decided to remove the mask, enkindling more rumours.

Luxor Las Vegas

The Luxor casino is an exemplary embodiment of ancient symbolism that facilitates a plethora of ineffable meanings, thereby crowning it the ideal place for an overwhelming spectral presence.

The incidents that occurred here could not be explained, prompting people to wonder if a supernatural presence triggered these incidents.

The construction work in 1993 involved witnessing many workers in a cluster of sinister accidents. Later, the hotel bore testament to many guests committing suicide by jumping off the balconies and the hair-raising one being a car bomb killing a young man in the casino’s parking garage in 2006.

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